Large Mouth Bass

Large Mouth Bass

A slender, streamlined sunfish, with a very large mouth, with the upper jaw extending far past the rear margin of the eye when the mouth is closed (except in small young). The spiny and soft portions of the dorsal fin are almost completely separated by a deep notch. The middle of the green-shaded body has a broad continuous dark stripe, but this sometimes becomes unclear in large adults and fish taken from turbid water. The belly is greenish-white or yellowish, and the eye is usually gold. The pyloric caeca, finger-like extensions at the junction of the stomach and intestine, are forked, and the tail fin in young Largemouth Bass is clearly bicolored — not tricolored as in Spotted Bass and Smallmouth Bass. The rear part at the fin is much darker than the basal part.


Often found in rivers & lakes


Most common between 20 and 45 cm


Most common between 0.5 – 3 kg